Our Services

Software Development

We implement your projects by providing the best technology solutions in line with your needs.

Server & IT Services

Server and IT maintenance and repair needs with our 24/7 support team are instantly resolved.

Mobile Apps

We offer user experiences and next-generation mobile application solutions for your projects.

Digital Marketing

We offer you the best and creative solutions for your success in the digital world.

Artificial intelligence

We are developing apps for companies using AI technologies in various fields.

Design Services

We offer the best solutions in line with innovative ideas for all your design needs.

We Offer Best Quality Solutions

NCSoft, our outsourcing services, our strong experience in software development, our knowledge of project management, intercultural competence, uninterrupted communication and a common responsibility to offer professional solutions according to the standard and time.


Why us?

Since the day it was founded, NCSOFT has developed itself in the software industry and has been producing customized solutions for the needs of customers with the experience gained over the years.

Professional Experiences

With its knowledge and experience, NCSOFT is able to produce powerful, easy-to-use solutions in all its projects. We always prefer to use next-generation technologies.

Service Guarantee

NCSOFT warrants the product to be of the desired quality and to be fully supplied to the user after the production phase and after the production.

Stronger Team

NCSOFT, with its expert and experienced software team, provides services to companies with different projects and technology solutions.

Innovative Solutions

As a result of its 15 years of experience, NCSOFT provides its customers with innovative solutions and the experience they achieve as a result of their projects.


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